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It has been an honor to serve as the President for The Institute for Sciences, Entrepreneurship and Investments (Institute SEI), which was founded by Dr. Ingrid Vasiliu Feltes. Furthermore, I also have the privilege of holding the role of VP for RevExpo Consulting and in that capacity, I provide oversight for all our Innovation Projects and managing the company’s International Business Relations.

The vision of Institute SEI is to act as a main catalyst for scientific and digitally driven entrepreneurship, as well as to promote sustainable economic growth. Our mission is to contribute to the creation of state-of-the-art knowledge-sharing and educational resources, as well as to be the premier data intelligence, data analytics and data driven decision support partner for all stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

As a boutique consultancy firm, RevExpo Consulting aims to contribute to all business ecosystems by facilitating the design, planning and implementation of emerging technologies to impact advanced and emerging markets. 

  • What are the aims, ideals, values that guide you?

In addition to being a Doctoral Degree Candidate in Arts and Literature at the Illinois University, as well as holding a post-graduate degree in Healthcare Informatics and Analytics, I am a proud alumni of the London School in UN Diplomacy, Harvard University, MIT and Cornell University executive education programs.  Colleagues consider me to be a Globalist, Futurist and I am passionate about building Media Ecosystems.

The values and ideals that guide me are to uphold the highest ethical standards, help and mentor other professionals and always seek to create innovative solutions that can address world problems or disrupt the status quo. I have been fortunate to learn from great mentors, gain international experience and become an expert in disruptive business strategy and design thinking strategy. It has been a privilege to collaborate with international colleagues and contribute to numerous digital advocacy missions that leverage emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, next generation computing and extended or virtual reality. Over the past year I have also been actively engaged in growing the Miami entrepreneurship ecosystem by forging strategic partnerships.

  • Enlighten us about the services you offer to society?

Via Institute SEI we support international projects that revolve around attainment of United Nations Sustainability Development Goals 2030 and facilitate several European Union efforts that aim to create emerging technology frameworks and guidelines. Via RevExpo Consulting we offer business and digital transformation strategic consulting services and I am proud to share our latest launch in response to popular demand : Digital Twins, Smart Cities, NFTs and Metaverse enterprise consulting services.

  • How does your company uphold its uniqueness and individuality?

Upholding our high standards of quality, desire for excellence and maintain our originality has been one of our major challenges in this highly dynamic and competitive global business ecosystem. We specialize in deploying design thinking for business strategy and digital transformation, and therefore uniqueness and individuality are foundational to our company.

  • Do you think you have heralded a change in the market, if so, how?

We have dedicated tremendous energy and efforts towards promoting digital identity, digital twins, digital citizenship and smart cities deployments globally. Our hope is to act as a catalyst for other important global initiatives that embrace digital innovation and disruption.

  • Kindly mention some of the notable recognitions and accreditations received by your organization.

For the work done at SEI and for other international not-for-profit organizations our Founder has been awarded several awards, such as: WBAF World Excellence Award-Social Entrepreneurship 2021,Top 20 Global Leaders in Digital Twins Technologies, Top 50 Global Leaders in Health Tech, Top 100 Visionary In Education Award 2021,Top 100 Global Women in Leadership Award 2021,Top 100 World Women Vision Award 2021-Innovation & Tech, Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise 2021 (nominee) Nations of Women Change Makers Award (finalist), Top 100 Healthcare Leader 2020 Award, Top 100 Finance Leader 2020 Award, Top 100 Women in Crypto 2020, Excellence In Education Award 2020, Women Leader Award 2016,Teaching Award 2010, Excellence in Research Award 2001.

Additionally, I was humbled by the invitation to be featured for the work done at SEI and RevExpo Consulting in the “Formidable Men Magazine” by Jules Lavalle. I also had the opportunity to share my insights as a guest speaker at several international events organized in support of the UN SDG 2030 Agenda or share my innovative approach for how  Design. Thinking strategic approach for smart cities and smart citizens can positively impact attainment of all SDGs. In addition, I was honored to assume the role of Vice-President of GCPIT Global Impact Startups (Global Council for The International Trade) and as Ambassador for Diversity and Inclusion SDG10 of SDG Choupal (Flagship Initiative of Nagrik Foundation), As a passionate digital advocate, I assumed leadership of the Government Blockchain Association’s Education Working Group and am an active contributor to the Smart City Working Group. Furthermore, I have dedicated myself to elevate and accomplish the mission of The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce as their Ambassador, and to leading the Miami Junior Chamber International Chapter.

  • How did you respond to the uncertainty concerning the pandemic? How has the pandemic changed your sector?

We have witnessed an increased adoption of emerging technologies, exponential advancements in sciences and innovations that will likely reshape our society such as The Metaverse. The convergence of several emerging technologies has the potential to reach new frontiers and create a new world where we would be able to interact in ways that transcend our current physical and geographic boundaries and facilitate adaption to the digital era. Futurists like myself like to envision The Metaverse as being a novel digital, social and economic ecosystem. These transformative changes are expected to have a profound and disruptive impact on the future of work, and it is likely that forward-looking companies embracing the benefits of The Metaverse will gain a competitive advantage. Furthermore, there will likely be a significant impact on our societal emotional intelligence and on our behavioral interactions. Therefore, we must be aware and defend against the risk of dehumanization that can occur with such a high degree of involvement with converging emerging technologies (such as AI, IoT, 5G, DLT, Web 3.0, VR, AR, XR, next generation computing, etc.).

  • What is your advice to new and budding entrepreneurs today?

On a personal level, I strongly recommend them to be resilient, focus on social purpose and maintain their integrity in the highly competitive entrepreneurial ecosystem. I would also share an important lesson learned over the years which is to accept coaching and mentoring to avoid preventable failures.

From a global perspective, the year 2021 conveyed a few learning lessons to our society and they apply across all ecosystems, including the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

First: being agile and optimize operational efficiency via lean six sigma management to mitigate against the economic impact of the pandemic.

Second, I would recommend engaging in a continuous Digital Transformation process to adapt to the demands of this new post-pandemic wave of emerging technologies. 

A third advice for young entrepreneurs is embrace transparency and open collaboration as they are crucial for long term success. Finally, focusing on the greater good, adopting a culture of digital integrity and embrace design thinking.