Said Aghil Baaghil

Said Aghil Baaghil is an unconventional Global Brand Relevance consultant, author, speaker, and an advocate of “Change or Die”. He is a unique intersection of excellence and deication, this skill is wonderfully reflected in his work. His out-of-the-box ideas ignite companies to rethink their strategies on reaching their target audience and building sustainable brands. He is the proud co-founder of ‘The Core Code’ – a global think tank on Branding. He is also the founder/co-founder of multiple ventures.

With over thirty years of experience in Branding and Marketing, Baaghil has changed what people think about branding in the The Middle East. In these difficult times, when businesses are faltering, Baaghil seeks to utilise the power of marketing and branding to boost sales and help small businesses achieve their goals. As a consultant, he has worked with many distinguished organizations in the region such as the Saudi Stock Exchange, Savola, Almuhadib Group, AlKahbeer Capital.

Baaghil is a visionary. He has authored four books, including the most reputable “The Power of Belonging” and “Create Your Space,” both listed in the Library of Congress. The international recognition of Baaghil’s unique approach to Branding and Marketing can be found in some prominent publications. A well-known marketing expert Dan Hill wrote on Baaghil in “Emotionomics” and renowned brand strategist and author Libby Gill mentioned him in “Capture the Mindshare and the Market Share Will Follow.”

Furthermore, Baaghil has been interviewed by futurists and BrainReserve CEO Faith Popcorn for her two forthcoming books on market trends. Baaghil was interviewed by the internationally-acclaimed brand consultancy firm Siegel+Gale on branding in the Middle East.


Baaghul is originally from the Middle East precisely Hadramout but he was raised in many parts of the world and grew up in the states. He has always had an eye for the branding business, and thus he turned his dream into reality and set up this business.

Baghil is the founder of ‘The Brand Scientist. Baaghil started his journey as a freelancer in 2009, and since then he has redefined the approach towards branding and marketing in the Middle East. His organization may be small in size but they have big ideas and a liberal approach. Their model is known as a distributed setting of business experts. The members of their organization are experts in their respective subject matters on brand strategy and growth. The company comprises a total of ten members that are connected by a vision to transform branding strategies. The members of the team span across three counts.


He is extremely passionate about branding and he considers it to be a way of life. He believes that the true purpose is to empower organizations to be more human-oriented in their approach and appreciate their stakeholders to build a strong fundamental brand that’s appreciated more than a transactional need.

The goal is to bring a great understanding of the science of branding and raise awareness. They value transparency when dealing with clients and believe in operating as a team. As an organization, each member walks the journey, unlike other consultants who dictate the journey. 

The second is the collective responsibility to build a great brand and believe that one part is incomplete without the other.


Baaghil feels that he does not own his knowledge, it is a gift to him from God and thus he must share this gift to raise awareness on the discipline across social media. The more a company raises awareness on the discipline the better business they do and also the better brand they become in the public eye. 

To their clients, they offer them a brand definition journey and its unique selling value. They primarily simplify the process of branding by bringing both understanding and clarity to their clients. They stand committed to the vision of the brand and help the company achieve its goals by leveraging exceptional techniques of marketing and branding.

Most often clients receive brand jargon and are confused between strategy and execution and as consultants, they solve this problem by simplifying the process and breaking down their journey into simple working blocks.


They are certainly unconventional in everything that they undertake and the way they appear and approach the customer. The essence of their organization is unconventional and they live up to it, by enabling their clients to define who they are as a brand instead of asking them to promote something they’re not. They care to communicate, partner, and build a healthy relationship with their clients on their journey. They help them to live the experience and learn the working block. As consultants, they believe that their job is not only limited to solving a problem but also includes educating the clients on their values.


They have stressed the value that branding is both a science and art in society. Most often experts allude to branding as an aesthetic without considering the actual value and impact created by the activity. They define their unique selling proposition as Brand Scientists and they live up to it by upholding the value and never compromising on the quality of their service.

Unfortunately, their discipline is hijacked by graphic designers and advertising agencies and they are working relentlessly in pursuit of correct understanding and mutual respect.

In recent years they have collaborated with other consultants who share the same values and produced many white papers and posts across all digital platforms.