The business world is full of enigmatic stories waiting to be seen and heard. At CIO Times, we handpick such tales for the world to acknowledge. These stories speak not just of success, but also of the struggle hiding behind them. As one of the top business magazines, we share an insight into the inner workings of different business sectors, through inspiring stories. Business experts, SMEs, and Entrepreneurs share what works for them and the industry, what doesn’t, and what is trending.

CIO Times is a print and digital media platform that curate’s opinions, outlooks, and visions about the industries from their leaders. We strive to serve as a one-stop, reliable source of information from the industries we cater to and showcase their growth opportunities.

For the companies, we serve as a platform for sharing their experiences with the readers and potential clients and uplifting their brand awareness. We provide a platform to share top business stories, business solutions, the latest technological solutions, products & services, and more. We are here for organizations of all sizes and sectors that seek to create their space in the business world.

We are committed to creating a transparent platform for top leaders and executives to bring forth unheard and unseen challenges they have faced while on their way to success. While sharing their experiences and views, they help inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs and professionals who can learn from them regarding industry perspectives, opportunities, challenges, and business needs.

What We Do

Our digital and print media platforms feature influential leaders in the business world. Our content is built around business journeys with a focus on topical stories and in-depth articles that inspire and motivate our readers.


The leading businesses today were just an idea yesterday. Our mission is to provide a platform for all such heard and unheard ideas of serial and naive entrepreneurs and executives whose vision for the greater good will transform the world. We strive to provide inspiring, motivating and informative content to business leaders, executives, entrepreneurs and each reader. 


To grow as a thriving global media brand that is trusted as a premier source of impactful information and inspiring content in the business world. Our focus is on creating a global platform that shares industry insights by global leaders for leaders, aspiring leaders, entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs alike. 

Our Services

Through our digital and print magazine, our editorial teams showcase engaging content that offers our readers an opportunity to delve deeper into both the professional and personal lives of business leaders and entrepreneurs.  

Areas that we focus on include (but are not limited to):

  • Aspiring Content
  • CEO Interviews
  • Success Stories
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sustainability
  • Investment and Wealth Management
  • Women in Business
  • Luxury Travel and Lifestyle