Alexis Head:Polo House Prive

I have been in the luxury industry for over 15 years and my fascination for the polo comes from many years ago being a polo lovers and my great respect for horses.

Polo House Prive, is the first global networking platform by Invitation Only, where the world of Polo meets in one single place from North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Aimed at professional Polo players, amateurs, patrons, those who want to know more about this exclusive sport and aficionados around the globe. Polo House Prive will provide the best of the world of Polo through its innovative network, offering its members exclusive access to lifestyle content, tailor-made experiences, unique events and our Polo Global Tour.

Philanthropy is embedded into the Polo House Prive philosophy. We are committed to promoting the sport of polo and supporting different related charities around the world through our platform, events, clubs, members, and Giving Back Gala Dinner is our emblematic event that will happen every year in Argentina during Palermo Open and in UK during Summer with unique live streaming and silence auctions experiences.

The concept of our private club was born when I saw the need to have a lifestyle service that would offer added value to those who already play and to create training programs through professionals to attract new people in to the sport. It is one of the few sports that the all family can play.

That is why I set myself two goals for 2022 which I hope to achieve together with our Polo House Privé team and our allies around the world.

The first is to be able to attract children globally to learn in a fun way through the electric wheels that helps them to have more balance and helps them to give security when they get on the horse and with this to be able to lead them by the hand to what the future of Polo Champions grows and the second goal is to be able to create a women’s circuit training them from the beginning and make them part of our global tour so that they have the experience of interacting with other women from other countries and grow their network.

What are the products/services you offer to your customers?

Our members are the heart of Polo House Prive, along with the premium attention they receive through our qualified team to meet any of their requests. Our interest goes beyond just fulfilling their wishes, since we know their tastes and preferences in detail and we take care of their safety and security.

They will access the most relevant content, sports news, and social and global event information through our combined website, digital magazine, TV channel, newsletter, and social media. We create the perfect platform where our members will physically and digitally interact with each other, and our corporate partners will have a seamless interface to showcase their products and services.


To indulge our members, we have created several unique experiences in collaboration with our partners and brands in the luxury world, where they will be able to witness the launch of collections, products, and services.

Our members will relish delicious culinary adventures in magical places at the hand of our international guest chefs, and enjoy, for example, the famous “Farm-to-Table” movement.

As for PHP LUXURY ATELIER all our members are special, we strive to offer a wide range of customized activities such as wellness sessions with renowned trainers, private activities in PHP luxury toys (private jets and luxury yachts globally), exclusive events or meetings for any occasion, to name a few.


Our Concierge service is characterized by high customer satisfaction. WE PROVIDE PERSONALIZED ATTENTION and stunning itineraries and are committed to the safety and health of our members. The traditional services of this area are out of the ordinary since we specialize in Polo and its lifestyle.

True luxury today is having time to enjoy life experiences through warm and impeccable service. That is our mission.


We reinvent THE TAILOR-MADE CONCEPT in each experience with unique trips, made to measure and adapted to each of our clients through our Bespoke Travel area. Our team has first-hand knowledge of every destination we recommend; we are experts in making the best of each occasion by providing an impeccable service.

We create a new way of enjoying travel, from honeymoon packages to trips with family and friends, and getaways to exciting sports events. At all times we offer private experiences, luxury accommodation, and personalized service.

Polo lovers will delight in premiere polo destinations where they can sign up for clinics taught by professionals and participate in games with globally recognized players.

Our destination is more than a place; it is a way of savoring every detail through amazing moments.


POLO HOUSE PRIVE REAL ESTATE is dedicated to giving our members; By Invitation – Only an exclusive and high-value insight into property and real estate business opportunities around the world. We will ensure that we only represent luxurious and valued potential properties, with expected high return on investments opportunities from conceptual pre-launch to ready-built projects. Our main commitment is to create value for our members and be their eyes in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

It is our responsibility and pleasure to provide a concierge service to those interested in travelling to see selected projects. Our team of global brokers will receive them and help facilitate transactions while providing a world-class experience from land to turnkey projects.

We are always looking forward to building a pillar of trust to financially safeguard our members’ and clients’ investments by offering only trusted and proven estates and business opportunities standing for future generations.


Through its extensive global network, POLO HOUSE PRIVÉ offers a consultancy service for the planning, design, and delivery of polo & a large variety of developments around the world. We are already engaged in initial discussions with developments in North America, Spain, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE (Dubai & Abu Dhabi). Our experienced teams are best-in-class advisors and fully understand the complexity of lifestyle-luxury projects and the overall logistical implications involved in international realty transactions of the polo-related world and other high-end industries.

Modern developers look to seamlessly blend globally recognized brands with a high level of amenities to keep client engagement. Let us serve you and be your advisors at the forefront of this exciting investment trend.

What are challenges/obstacles you faced along the way?

At the beginning of the project, the polo community wondered what a woman does

creating a Polo platform without knowing how to play this sport? They saw that this platform not only gave added value to those who already play but also promote the sport to people are interested in learning more and grow the community with kids, laddies and men around the globe and adding services that they can use and facilitate their travels and add experience outside of polo in other sports an unique events with philanthropic side as well as grow their social, business and sports network in a private club that offers exclusivity and care for the Integrity of the members was when they agreed to know more about who I was and my trajectory within this market niche.

Another challenge I experienced is that throughout creating this platform I lost people very dear to me and who were very important to Polo House Prive, but as a spiritual person I know that they are accompanying me every step of the way.

But in another sense I have been very fortunate to have a great team and meet very valuable people along the way who have joined Polo House Prive such as Jose Moscoso, an Argentine Polo Player who has had many successes adding Malcolm Borwick, Rebecca Walters, Loli Bunge, Jose Eduardo kalil, among many others and this has helped him given the solidity from the side as far as Polo is concerned.

I can definitely say that Polo House Prive is and will continue to be a great success because I have found in this community very genuine people who have opened the doors of their trust to our company as well as Polo Associations such as Argentina, one of the most important in the world and that we seek to expand our horizons hand in hand as life allows us and with other countries too.

As a woman, how important do you think it is to find a balance between your life at home and the one at work?

This is the most dear wish for all of us who are entrepreneurs, it is definitely a must but you have to practice it every day.

For me the balance comes first internally from there everything starts! When I manage to control the thoughts that then win over us the desire that everything is urgent and suddenly you stop and say, what is really more important than me? It is when you take that time for yourself and cultivate your spirit, your soul, your mind, your body and there you enter the true balance. The rest must be a consequence of what I just said.

It is important to identify when it is work and passion because many of us make the mistake of saying that we are passionate about what we do and our passion becomes our day and night, when we least think all the time we are working and we lose balance.

Fining balance not only does make you healthier, your life also has a better quality with you and your love ones. My phrase that although I say it a lot I have to practice it more is, put your head where your body is! I hope this phrase works for you.

We live in a world that is dominated by masculinity. What is your advice to women entrepreneurs across the world?

I can recommend what works for me and that I have not had any problem with dominated masculinity men and I share it with great pleasure, although I believe that we already live in a more globalized world and with more gender equality, but I know that there will always be a man who does not likes that the woman shines more than them, but here you already enter issues of insecurity and that is another subject.

I recommend that they always be themselves, that they never want to impress a man and show that they know more than they do, they must be treated with respect and never persuade that they are a threat on the contrary that they know that they come to add.

This will make them not feel threatened at any time, because in reality although we are the most emotional women and they are more mental, we come to complement each other and when the men who still have their dominated attitude see that we women are not interested in competing above a gender, you will earn the respect of them and some times of the same women with whom you work or socialize, because many times the worst enemy of a woman can by other woman.

So when you walk feel and be confident we are here to share our talents to the world and to give and receive respect.