Virgilia Virjoghe -VV Global Partners

I founded my company VV Global Partners at the end of 2020 after identifying a big void in the market in the way Branding strategies were implemented on a Micro- and Macro-level. We are taking a holistic approach by implementing our 3 Step-Brand Accelerator Method integrating: consumer-centric Selling Strategies with a Story-telling Branding approach and revenue-generating Strategic Partnerships. After over a decade working and winning awards with world-renowned brands like Versace, Saks Fifth Avenue, Dolce & Gabbana I learned that exceptional branding strategies only work in creating success when aligned perfectly with a profitable business model. I am a ‘number’-person first before bringing my creativity into the mix when it comes to my consulting services.

The strategic brand management services we are offering are specifically designed and customized based on the industry the respective company is operating in, their size, location, number of operating years, profitability, consumer base, ability to scale and so on. We offer our services to a variety of industries with a focus on the luxury sector: Beauty, Medical and Aesthetics, Fashion, Real Estate, Hospitality. Less typical for most branding agencies we are starting by analysing the business and operational model of each brand we are working with: we identify what changes can be implemented in that category and then proceed with creating branding strategies that can enhance and complement beautifully the existing business model. These two pillars have to be perfectly aligned in order for profitability to take place. We also analyse in detail the respective industry on a global and local scale. By identifying the competitive advantage of our client’s businesses and capitalizing on it we are able to truly make an impact.

Digitalization and the omni-channel approach have changed significantly the way the relationship brand-consumer operates. The power has shifted from brands into the hands of the consumers: with a click of a button they can dismiss a brand they no longer resonate with you and buy from a competitor. Now more than ever brands are required to builds a belief-system and have a story that impacts people’s lives. Consumers no longer buy a product because they like it. They buy into the idea of a strong DNA aligned with a long-term vision that can challenge the status-quo and build communities around it.

Like most entrepreneurs who started a new business during pandemic I was faced with big challenges: most potential clients saw their businesses temporarily closed or simply shut down so the lack of budget usually allocated to branding and marketing was obvious. Based on my experience as a published author(my book The Quest to the American Dream and about 35 articles in luxury magazines) I am well versed in interviewing high profile, unique individuals. So I found a way to promote my work by creating an IG Live Series titled initially Authentically Bold Highlighting Personal brands I feel passionate about. That allowed me to reach audiences organically and offer an educational and entertaining channel and it ended up attracting clients as well.

The secret to my success is curiosity: I read a lot(books, magazines, newspapers) and spend an extensive amount of time on various social media platforms(LinkedIn, Instagram, Clubhouse). I love to delegate to my team but most importantly I prefer to rely on myself 24/7/365 on staying informed. I study the tech and finance world as much as I study what happens within the industries I am directly working with: Aesthetics, Medical, Fashion, Real Estate. My list of favourites includes: Finance gurus Ray Dalio and Warren Buffet, Sports sensation Michael Jordan, game changers Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Tom Ford, Donatella Versace and so on. It’s important to understand what happens on a global scale with powerful brands and personal brands in a variety of industries in order to create success with my consulting services.

As a woman, balancing work and personal life and living in a big city like New York is certainly not easy. But then again being a woman in today’s world –  and the song This is a Man’s World by James Brown comes to mind – is not an easy task. Being constantly objectified and scrutinized based on what we should or could do is a constant challenge. Being highly fashionable and slightly eccentric with my views I am being underestimated many times but it doesn’t bother me: being very strong I can totally handle it. Having lived and studied in three countries (Romania, Germany, USA) and being fluent in four languages I tend to see the world through a versatile lens. However, to be very transparent: since starting entrepreneurship after over a decade in the corporate world I feel that overall I received more support from men than women. As sad as it may sound I found that many fellow women entrepreneurs did not offer their support as often.

The way I look at things is rather neutral: whether we are a woman or a man attempting Excellence personally or professionally we will be challenged one way or another. Success and failures go hand in hand but what matters is staying focused on our path, strong in our convictions and working with brilliant, inspirational people. Building our own Power circles as a support system will enhance the quality of our life and work. Champions are not born: they consistently work towards attaining the highest level of Greatness and inner Fulfilment. The path to Excellence is not always paved with Glory but is certainly incentivizing and I passionately love the challenges along the way.