BEV MOORE :Kindness first

Bev Moore is a humble intersection of talent, dignity, and kindness. She is CEO/owner of Bev Moore Talent Agency. A Philanthropist, Global Influencer and writer, Bev is an inspiration to women all across the globe. She offers in-depth guides, empowering and inspiring others to flourish for a better future. Bev has co-founded and managed multi-million-dollar companies over the years. She is the current owner and CEO of many business ventures. Her business expertise and personal experiences combined to give a special energy to any given audience. 

Bev builds upon the Swahili Proverb; Unity is Strength, Division is Weakness. She believes great things can be accomplished while people are unified towards a common goal in numbers rather than by themselves. This gives them a greater power to far exceed their expectations. This philosophy inspired Bev to take action and launch her platform. As we speak, the platform is growing and now you can also be a part of it.

 As an entrepreneur, Bev has been involved in a serious business ventures and her experience applies to all of her work and what she is trying to achieve. Because of the choices she made, Bev has vast experience,  she is focusing on touching as many lives as possible. Bev is a philanthropist. She invests time, money, and energy in causes that resonate with her values. There have been numerous projects where Bev has left her fingerprint. Bev believes in the power of doing. Don’t promise, prove!


Bev grew up in South Carolina and has been in Charlotte for over 4 years now. Her guiding light is kindness. She believes that every person must be kind to their fellow human beings. Even as a young adult, she was spontaneous and ready to take up challenges. She started with coaching. Bev would help out the children in their neighborhood. If they needed scholarships for school or tutoring to get better grades a test, she would always be happy to help. She would boost their self-esteem and watch over them like a second mom, and she would help them through their teenage years and act as a mentor.

She moved to Charlotte, considering it as an opportunity to grow, experiment and diversify. Bev has always had entrepreneurial instincts. She has always been inclined towards doing/creating something impactful, something that helps the people. During the pandemic, she witnessed the plight of numerous businesses and how entrepreneurs were struggling with their respective market sectors. Her primary intuition was to create something that would develop an outreach.

Since the start of her platform in 2020, Bev has created a safe space for lifting people, networking, and boosting careers. A hub is now live where everybody can find resources in a time of need. Bev has always been ready for any challenge and she has always tried something new by experimenting and opening new doors.

She has produced films like Amrak. Bev is moving towards more projects in the coming future.


Being an entrepreneur for so many years helped her to identify her real purpose. She realized that her forte was communicated. She started her agency knowing that she was going to connect people and the knowledge she had acquired over the years, leverage it to the benefit of others and make a difference in the world. She was urged by many celebrities to move forward and open up an agency because that was what she had been doing for them. She was made to realize that she was helping talent and helping talent grow by making it available to those who wanted it. She received a lot of support from those around her to recognize and employ the gift that she possessed. She was motivated and prompted to push herself out there and make an impact. Bev was able to reach out across all platforms and get people connected. She continues to excel in her field of work and is grateful to have found a profession in something that she loves doing. Thus, she launched the talent agency. She wants to bring unity and bring people together, to make this place a better world.


Speak Up Bev was started with the death of John Lewis. His death created such a strong impact on her life which made her realize that her purpose was to bring people together. She was prompted by such an exceptionally unique platform that enabled people to share their minds and speak about various topics. She is always talking about kindness, and thus she created this platform out of the love in her heart. The platform is free of any kind of politics, race and social status. It is an open platform where people connect and talk and are free to share stories. It is a platform for mental and physical well-being and growth where everyone is prompted to develop a better side of themselves. She has had republicans, democrats, rich people and many others, and nobody knows who’s who, yet everyone gets along so well. It shoves any kind of negativity and bad nature and promotes a happier and healthier environment and society.


A shining star, Bev, is one of those few people who hold compassion and love for those who are underprivileged. She started her charity, Worldwide United, upholding her principles of strength in unity. The charity is very close to her heart. The charity commenced operations in Nigeria with over 200 children and she has been working with a vision to help those who are deprived of the basic amenities in life. Worldwide United will be spreading its arms and touching other developing nations and consistently contribute to humanitarian causes and uplift those who are suffering.


Her latest work where she serves as the executive producer is Inherit the Land. This premieres on October 16Th in Monroe, NC. Bev is the executive producer of the upcoming film, Laura. The movie will hit the screens in 2021 itself. It revolves around the story of Tom Dooley, and the mystery surrounding the murder of Laura Foster told from Laura’s perspective over the last week of her life.

Being an exceptionally talented individual, Bev has diversified her scopes in various fields and excels in each due to her utmost dedication and commitment to her work.


She is an animal person, and she has been one since a very young age. She had a horse, chickens, dogs, and cats, and now she has two cats and two dogs. One of them is called Poppy, and he’s her absolute favorite. She loves cats because she has an unconditional love for them and finds them adorable. She’s always known how to take care of people and animals. That has shaped her into the incredible individual she is today.