The term ‘cyber’ refers to the culture of technology and computers, and ‘security’ refers to protection. Therefore, in simple vocabulary, cybersecurity refers to the defence or preservation of various components related to a computer and networking system. It is information on technology service 

that acts as a safety net against the cybersecurity internet. 

Today cybersecurity applicant has become extremely crucial. It is a broad concept that transparently refers to the defence mechanism that is adopted against cybersecurity hackers over the internet. This ensures then and safety of computers, servers, mobile devices, data, electronic systems and networks. Cyber cybersecurity does network security, application security, data security, cloud security and mobile security. 

Network security is the preparation offered that is sent over a network. This data can be accessed by hackers and corrupt application from applications that may cause the application to malfunction. 

Data security is a pivotal service. Companies store large amounts of data over the internet, this data is extremely important to the company and must not be leaked out in any circumstances. 

Cloud security involves the monitoring and protection of data that is uploaded on the cloud.  

Mobile security refers to the invasion of software and operating systems. These are the results of viruses. 

Internet and networking have become an indispensable part of the modern market. Businesses in this technology-dominated world. immensely depend on thee storage of data on computers, databases or the cloud. This data can be accessed and manipulated by experienced hackers, who may use it to their benefit or else to bring down the public reputation of the enterprise. 

To prevent this evasion of privacy, companies undertake cybersecurity measures. 

Other than hackers, there are various threats that a company can be subjected to over the internet such as viruses and software malfunctions that may occur because of bugs. Cybersecurity solves all these problems. 

To safeguard their sensitive data, organisations depend on cybersecurity. If the servers, networks and computers are not secured, then the company may face extensive losses. Economic losses may arise with the loss of corporate information. The reputation of the firm may degrade if sensitive information is leaked. The company may lose some loyal clients. 

Cybersecurity offers not only protection and safeguarding but also includes the fixing up of a website or network that has been attacked. Thus more and more companies are availing this service.