Jaclyn Genovese: full renovations and new builds across North America.

I began Spaces by Jacflash 8 years ago as a passion project. Over the years, my clientele grew, our jobs got larger and the company organically advanced into what it is today. Spaces by Jacflash now offers decor, full renovations and new builds across North America. 

What motivates and inspires you as a young entrepreneur?

I can truly say that I do what I love. I don’t need motivation, as there is nothing I would rather be doing than what I do everyday. I am 28 weeks pregnant and I still work 80 hours a week between Spaces by Jacflash and my fitness and wellness Studio, THE STUDIO https://www.thestudio.to/ (designed by Spaces by Jacflash) and I could not be happier. When I am not working, I am still working in bed, networking, brainstorming new ideas and designs and doing whatever inspires me. This is what gets me out of bed everyday!

How does your company uphold its uniqueness and individuality?

Spaces by Jacflash is unique because we offer a very intimate design experience. I know how intimidating hiring a designer can be for a lot of people, and I believe that Spaces by Jacflash has created an approachable method and has removed the daunting and stressful element of renovations for our clients, so that they can truly enjoy the process and their new homes!

Kindly mention some of the notable recognitions and accreditations received by your

Spaces by Jacflash has completed a wide range of projects from residential design to commercial pop-ups with companies such as Remy Martin, Puma and more. We have worked with celebrity clients such as Youtube’s Jus Reign and Ask Kimberly, NBA’s Patrick Patterson, NHL’s Darnell Nurse, TFC’s Jonathan Osario and radio host Blake Carter. Spaces by Jacflash has been featured in publications including The Globe & Mail, Toronto Life and City Life Mag. Jaclyn won Interior Designer of the Year at the Notable Awards. 

The pandemic turned the tables for every sector of the economy, tell us something about your market and its scope for growth.

The pandemic has affected us in a positive way. As people are spending more time at home and have been hosting small dinner parties instead of going out to eat, they are seeing the value of truly investing in their homes. 

Where do you see your organisation in the years to come?

I take every day one day at a time. I am lucky enough to be able to be particular about what clients and projects I choose to work with, which creates a sense of comfort, encouragement and excitement between me, my team and clients at work everyday. I am not one to create substantial goals in the far future for myself, because I have no idea what will make me happy and where I will be in 5-10 years. I have found that when you just do what makes you happy each and everyday, the Universe will send you people and opportunities that you could never even imagine for yourself. 

Entrepreneurship is an art, what is your take on that?

Entrepreneurship requires both knowledge, skills and creativity. Very few people can visualize the seemingly unrealistic ideas and business goals that you have conceived. Being an entrepreneur means that you must take risks and believe wholeheartedly in your unique concepts, the same way that an artist does. An entrepreneur’s concepts or visions are no question an art.