Johnny Nash -entrepreneur makes A difference

Every entrepreneur makes a profit, but not every entrepreneur makes a difference in the world. We may not realise but sometimes, heroes and leaders walk among us and around us. Johnny Nash is one such leader. A world-class entrepreneur in the recruitment and tech industry, Johnny is seasoned and extremely passionate about what he does. He has over twenty-four years of experience in leading multinationals and boutique firms within the world of recruitment as a Global Headhunter Specialist. He is also well-known and accredited as an Accountability & Careers Coach, in U.K. and internationally. An astoundingly witty and adept individual, Johnny gives his full focus to any project he undertakes and drives it to success.

Johnny is known for continually providing excellent results to his clients, he secures the top 15% of talent for multinational companies transforming (digitally, IT and within the cloud), Fintech’s, Start Up’s, Scale Up’s and SME’s across specialist dedicated sectors, U.K., EMEA & Internationally. Over the years, Johnny has recruited several Mid-Senior & Senior-Executive professionals across Technology, Telecoms, FinTech, Payments and Digital Transformations sectors.

A creative and ambitious individual, Johnny is passionate about startups, technology and FinTech. He believes in the power of Artificial Intelligence and believes that as human beings we must leverage it for the greater, instead of allowing it to dominate our lives.


Johnny left the Iran-Iraq war for the United Kingdom with an eye defect and without a word of spoken English. His inability to communicate was always a drawback for him. However, he overcame it with great courage, and since then, he has only moved forward. He turned his weakness into his strength, the ability to read people, their verbals and nonverbals. 

Johnny initially wanted to be a lawyer, but he realized very soon that it was not his calling, and he decided to venture into the world of recruitment & careers, where he could help people to pursue their passions and secure a good life for their family. He was able to provide people with a means to sustain their living by doing what they loved.

His distinct yet unique background gave him the motivation and the drive to enter the human resources sector and make a difference in people’s lives, no matter where they were from or who they were.


Johnny believes that to have a meaningful life, an entrepreneur must have three things- worthy and meaningful relationships, a relevant career that genuinely solves people’s problems and the ability to make a difference. Johnny entered the world of business in the field of recruitment and careers with those three key factors at the cornerstone, which makes him what he is today.


Statistics suggest that 85% of people are unhappy in their jobs. Johnny founded FORTE ICT (Recruitment Headhunting Company) with that in mind. He wanted to create a platform that welcomed talent and uplifted skills so that they could be effectively allocated to the people who genuinely required them. He wanted people to be happy when they thought of work. He believes that if one is happy doing what they do, it won’t seem like work.

His company. Johnny Nash Coach (Coaching Company) has been created to maximize both the professional and personal lives of people, and generate value out of the knowledge that the candidates have acquired over the years. Johnny believes that many people can talk a good game, but it is the actions that define who we are. Johnny Nash Coaching is about having no regrets, no what-ifs, and no sorrow.

Recruitment & Careers club is the largest Social audio club of its kind. It has been created around the ethos of the community. Education, information, entertainment and real impact. He and his company undertake A-Z of Recruitment & Careers areas, business, tech and the workplace, as well as psychology at work, in giving access to people all over the world to being truly empowered and inspired. 

He believes that everybody has talent, but people don’t and can’t work to their full potential because of three major reasons. Firstly, most people are not able to recognize their talent, they don’t optimize and innovate. And thirdly and most importantly, fear. Recruitment & Careers Club is about being the change and making the change. Nothing changes, if nothing changes. They believe that risk is the essence of life and there if we can’t bet on ourselves, then we can’t count on anything else. 


Being in the recruitment business, Johnny recognizes the importance of choosing the correct employee for an organization. He believes that it is about making the right choices for both clients and candidates alike. According to him, the three most important qualities in the recruitment selection process include a cultural fit, the best companies in the world do not compromise on their culture and values, a good and positive mindset, without the right mindset in place then achievement and success are not possible and most importantly, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

When selecting the right candidate for his organisation or client partners, Johnny feels the most crucial factor to consider is job competency, which is having the skills to do the job, personality match within the team and culture, and the integrity and honesty of the employee. These are the primary fundamentals that guide him in choosing the correct fit for an organization. He urges other companies to do the same.


Accredited to his undeniable excellence and devotion to his field, Johnny was recognized among the top 1% of global headhunters by LinkedIn. Over the years, he has placed over 3,000 candidates globally and currently runs the largest Recruitment & Careers Club on Social Audio.


The pandemic has been a huge reset, not only for the recruitment and human resource sector but for all sectors of the global economy, which has prompted the “great resignation”. With unemployment rates still raging in most parts of the world, the question of finding a stable income source and work is a cause of concern for many. People, post-pandemic, want more out of their careers, want better work-life balance, careers recognition, mission, learning & development opportunities and they want more from life.  

With that, all in mind, his job as a Headhunter, Careers SME, Coach and Community builder is to facilitate and create as well as implement work opportunities into reality. This is for the candidates that they place to companies, for their coaching clients and their personal development and as an employee with their staff.

Johnny and the team have been at the forefront in restoring financial security and getting people into the right careers more than ever before. They believe there is a difference between a job and a career, and they place people into careers.


Johnny believes that the world is in a war for talent within the world of tech. 70% of people are looking to make a move to the U.K. and change their employment situation. The world is currently facing challenges when it comes to rebuilding the economy post-pandemic and is in the era of the micro-entrepreneur. Regardless, everyone but everyone has a career.

With the rise of AI & automation, 40% of all jobs according to studies look to be replaced in the next five to seven years. 85% of all new jobs have not been invented yet.

He advises all his candidates and coaching clients that the best investment one can make is in themselves. A candidate looking for an opportunity to work should continually upgrade themselves, their skills, their mindset, everything like we upgrade our phones. By doing this, each candidate is best equipped to navigate the fourth industrial revolution the world is currently undergoing.


The biggest problem with the new generation is that they are unaware of what they want to do. They are running after the ideals of making money, but are not sure how they want to do it. Johnny believes that the most important thing to know is to recognize what they are passionate about and what they want to do.

Secondly, he advises people not to overcomplicate things. If you overcomplicate, especially as an entrepreneur, you then will talk yourself out of it and lose out on a possible opportunity.

Thirdly, there is no such thing as perfection or the absolute right time. Johnny believes in this great saying: “Done is better than perfect, as perfect never gets done”. Stop delaying, start doing.

Finally, he urges modern entrepreneurs to never give up. Every business entails fear, disappointments, bumps along the way and if you can have what can be referred to as a “bouncy bum”, the ability to get back up when you are done, Johnny believes that you are on your way to success. Having this quality can change your life, and convert dreams into reality.