Sushil Shamlal Wadhwa: Platinum World Grroup (yes it is spelt with an extra ‘r’)

When I founded Platinum World Grroup (yes it is spelt with an extra ‘r’) in 2002, there was no other company offering Travel as an incentive for companies to rewards their top performers and stakeholders, neither was the concept of Destination Weddings existing. I started the company during a time when mobile communication and internet services were just about starting, so it was an incredibly challenging time to communicate internationally at that time, where International calls were super expensive, faxes were the default mode of sending documents, internet had just started thru dial-up connection and mobile telephony was very expensive. I was able to grow the company despite these odds and today it has achieved wonders. From organizing international company events for L’Oreal, E&Y, Citibank, HSBC, SCB, Reliance Industries Ltd and to organizing destination weddings to promoting brands and experiences the company has spread and grown well.

Platinum World Grroup became a conglomerate with a presence in MICE, Destination Weddings, Decor, Entertainment, Luxury Holidays, Cruises, Yacht Charters, TV & Film Production, Digital & Experiential Marketing, Content Creation, Health & Wellness.

The legal entity name is ‘Platinum Incentives and Events (P) Ltd.’​, in India and Platinum World Events in UAE.

PWG’s associate network is spread across 500+ destinations in 100+ countries, while the company has successfully executed Thousands of MICE projects, Weddings & Luxury Holidays in 80 Countries delighting over half a million people globally since inception. It was the 1st company in the world in it’s industry to get the prestigious ISO 9001: 2008 Certification for its processes in MICE, Events, Weddings and Luxury Travel.

The different businesses of Platinum World Grroup are operated under the following brands:

1. Platinum World Events –Offering Advisory and Turnkey Solutions for MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Events), Experiential Marketing, Hybrid Events, Virtual Events, Luxury & Fashion Events, Product Launches, Brand Activations, Corporate & Business Events. Now adding an Online Discovery Platform for Tourism Destinations, Hotels, Venues & Cruises, while being the leading information resource for companies planning MICE, Corporate Events and beyond worldwide.

2. Platinum Wedding World – Offering Advisory and Turnkey Solutions for High End Weddings, Destination Weddings, Wedding Entertainment & Decor, Anniversaries, Engagements, Pre-Wedding and Birthday Celebrations. Now adding an Online Discovery Platform for Tourism Destinations, Hotels, Venues & Cruises, while being the leading resource of inspiration and information for HNIs planning Destination Weddings & Celebrations worldwide.

3. Platinum Signature Experiences – Solutions include Luxury Hotel & Villa Bookings, Private Jet, Helicopter & Yacht Charters, Supercar Driving Experiences, Gastronomic Fine Dining Experiences amongst others. Now adding an Online Discovery Platform for Tourism Destinations, Hotels, Private Villas, Yachts, Private Jets, Helicopters, Venues & Cruises, while being the leading source of information for HNIs planning inspirational curated Luxury and Adventure Travel Experiences worldwide.

4. BILLIONAIRE LIFESTYLE – Leading Online Discovery Platform and Digital Marketing Partner for Luxury Brands in Real Estate, Automobiles, Private Jets, Luxury Yachts, Watches, Jewellery, Holiday Homes, Luxury Hotels, Resorts & Villas while being the ultimate resource of luxury inspirations for connoisseurs worldwide.

5. Platinum Pictures – High Quality, Creative, Video & Still images, Content Creation for Digital Marketing, TV & Film Production.

6. VITALYSE LIFESCIENCES – Offering Health & Wellness solutions through extensively researched Health Supplements in the form Oral Dissolving Strips, under the brand, ‘Vitalyse Wellness Strips’, made with Natural Active Ingredients and Proprietary Nanotechnology, with therapeutic qualities that offer optimum nutrition and enhance the body’s abilities to improve Immunity, General Wellness, Anti Ageing, Ingestible Beauty, Gut Health, Weight Loss, Energy, Sleep and more, with no side effects.

Standing true to its tagline, Platinum World Grroup has touched many lives with splendour and created umpteen experiences beyond extraordinary. Highest quality standards, experienced leadership, and a thorough orientation towards client’s requisites give an edge to the company and make it stand out among the best of the best.


  1. Associate network in 500+ destinations across 100 countries
  2. Thousands of Events, Weddings & Luxury Holidays successfully executed in 80 countries delighting more than half a millions people around the world.
  3. First company in Event Industry worldwide to get ISO Certification for its processes.
  4. Adding a new dimension with an online discovery and resource platform for Business Events, Celebrations and Luxury Travel.
  5. Ventured into Health & Wellness with Vitalyse Lifesciences
  • What are the aims and ideals that guide your organisation?

We have always responded to challenges and problems with quick thinking and effective solutions. Moving forward, we see that more and more companies and individuals will have the DIY (Do It Yourself) Approach to MICE, Corporate Events, Weddings and Travel. As a company with enormous experience of having successfully done various projects in 80 countries, we are now adding an Online Discovery Platform, that will give Tourism Boards, Hotels, Venues & Cruises to reach out to their target audience through our network, while giving our clients the ready information, inspirations and resources to plan their own events, weddings & travel and get latest ideas and trending destinations. We continue to offer Advisory or Turnkey Solutions for Business Events, Celebrations and Luxury Travel, for companies and individuals wanting the extra edge for their programs.

  • Enlighten us about your source of inspiration? What or who motivates you to work harder?

I’m a strong believer in following one’s passion and having a balance in all areas of life like personal development, family, health, emotional and spiritual. I believe in discipline and being positive, as a positive mindset makes you rise higher daily and makes you face any situation in life and discipline keeps you on track.

I believe that “Education makes a Nation. I intend to fund the education of as many lesser privileged children as possible so that they can get basic & vocational education and are ready to make their own careers. Besides that, I intend to work on helping the lesser privileged with basic health care. These causes motivate me to work hard daily to achieve my personal goals and create enough wealth to able to fund these causes close to my heart.

  • Kindly mention some of the notable recognitions and accreditations received by your organisation.

Our company was the first company in the event industry worldwide to get an ISO Certification for all our processes in event management, wedding planning and travel planning. This was an achievement, because they’re so many factors at play when you’re planning a live event, and to be able to implement world class processes and systems took a lot of effort. Personally I was one of the first Indian’s to serve on the Asia Pacific MICE Advisory Board for Starwood Hotels & Resorts for 3 years, and then it was acquired by Marriott Hotels. I also have had the privilege to be the first and only Indian, to be on the jury of Miss Portugal for 2 years.

  • Where do you see your organisation in the years to come? How do plan to respond to the lows that followed the pandemic?

Technology has and will continue to play a major role moving forward in our industry with the pandemic having had its effect on the events, travel and tourism industry worldwide. But when the world starts opening up, we expect to see a huge surge in business, at the same time see the industry evolving to Hybrid Events. Hence we are working on our online platform to adapt to this situation as mentioned earlier, where we will create an online Discovery Platform, that will help both the Tourism Boards, Hotels & Venues reach their target audience and help our clients plan their own events, should they choose to, or take our Turnkey Solutions to plan it for them.

  • Do you think technology is a blessing or a double-edged sword?

There are always two sides to it!! If technology replaces physical events, then it’s a double edge sword, but if it enhances the industry, then it’s a blessing. Personally, I like to view it as a blessing. With hybrid events, the opportunity of having a physical audience, while reaching to a larger virtual audience, has now gone mainstream to business events and celebrations. This I feel has changed the Events industry greatly.

Thanks to the advent of Social Media Technology, we have built a loyal following of our clients on my personal and the company’s social media handles. In earlier times, we would have to send out newsletters to keep our clients informed of our work and new destinations and trends, now that has changed, as they follow our social media handles and get almost instant updates about new trends and destinations. This is a major boon and has encouraged us to use our collective reach in excess of 250K Followers, many of which have been our clients or experienced our services, and offer this bouquet of our 5 Handles as an Influencer to various Tourism Boards, Hotels & Venues who want to reach out to the perfect audience.3

What is your advice to budding entrepreneurs who wish to kick start their careers?

I always advise budding entrepreneurs the following:

  • Identify their passions
  • Find problems and offer solutions
  • If the solution is part of their passion, then they’ve hit bulls eye.
  • Be ready for financial challenges
  • Have a Positive mind-set