Tina Mara: Inspiring People to Transform, Achieve Greatness and Spread Positivity

Award Winning Awakening Mentor & Expert in guiding HSPs, Inutitives and Empaths on their Journey to Higher Levels of Consciousness.

Motivational Speakers and Programs are BIG in the market. In 2020, the market in the US alone was estimated to be worth $ 1.9 billion. By 2025, it is expected to grow to $2.30 billion. Line events, online videos, and more are finding their way into people’s daily routines. However, for personal growth, people need more than motivation. They need inspiration.

Why? Because Motivation is triggered by outside conditions and wears off as soon as the immediate problem is fixed, whereas Inspiration comes from within, stays for the long run, and helps to transform every area of life permanently. The general challenge with Personal Growth is that many people want it – but only a few people commit to the inner work that is necessary to make it happen. It is inconvenient, it feels uncomfortable, and it requires discipline and the willingness to change patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaviour – while our brains are wired to seek comfort; so good old Self Sabotage will kick in quite soon.

That’s the reason why people know that they should change – but never do it. Now pause for a minute and ask yourself honestly: Are you the Star in the Movie of your life or just a film extra? Hint: If no one told you yet – You are here to be the Star! And if you don’t know how to be the Star, Tina Mara Linne is happy to help you write a better script, starting today! Tina believes in the power of intuition, asking better questions, providing a non-judgemental space, shifting perspectives and creating lasting results for her clients. “I don’t want them to be dependent on my service – On the contrary. I want them to flourish, grow to the top of their game and transform on all levels. Their success is my greatest reward and biggest joy,” reveals Tina.

Helping People Transform

After hearing so many clients in the past 15 years say how much they love her great energy, compassion and positive attitude towards life Tina just went with the natural flow to become a Chief Wellbeing Officer for them, serving her fellow human beings as an Inspirational Muse, Consciousness Educator and Wisdom Keeper whenever the going gets tough for them.

Tina offers grounded, heart-centred & intuitive guidance to help corporate teams and individuals to access emotional maturity (there are many emotional teenagers running around in adult bodies!), support them to navigate with ease through professional and personal relationships, challenging business situations and permanently break through their limiting belief systems. To uncover the stories that hold people back from reaching their personal best and help them to feel true confidence is one of the Superpowers she just loves to share.

Tina shares inspirational Key Notes, 1:1 Mentoring and Group Sessions as well as the absolute Gold Standard Online Program in Personal Growth available on the market today, also known as the “Elite Mentorship Forum”. To become an Elite Mentorship Trainer, she went through the 6-month Program myself, guided by the World Class Speaker, Mentor and Serial Entrepreneur Peter Sage, who is considered to be the No. 1 Expert in Human Behaviour in the Personal Growth arena.

Finding her Path

Tina didn’t become a personal growth coach overnight or one fine day. It took time, unconscious and conscious efforts on the part of the universe and her to embark on this journey. Tina has been a curious and practical person in all areas of life – one reason that led her to check out many different business sectors. After she finished school, she sincerely had no idea about her future profession. So, she did what most of my friends were doing: Going to university but got bored and quit in a year.

She then went into the Fashion Industry for Commercial Assistant Training, and got her first job as a Managing Director in a Concept Store, followed by Creative Direction and Event Management in a Full-Service Agency, where she worked e.g. for Credit Suisse, Eurex and GlaxoSmithKline. It was exhausting – so she decided that her employment days are over and founded her own Marketing and PR Agency, where she worked with clients like Fiat, Alfa Romeo, European Investment Bank, Swarovski, Cocoon Event and even helped organise an event for His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Tina went back to employment once more from 2019 to 2022 as a CEO for the Charity Organisation Make-A-Wish in Germany because she loved the Mission to grant life-changing wishes for seriously ill children. When she was around 30 (working at the agency), she was stressed, struggled with severe headaches frequently, consumed too much alcohol, felt miserable in a narcissistic relationship and was going out every weekend to feel some kind of relief from her day-to-day reality. She always heard this voice inside her head that said: “There is more” – So she went out to find what exactly that “More” was.

For 17 years Tina invested serious amounts of Time, Energy and Money into her search for universal Truth. She became a Yoga & Meditation Teacher, an Elite Mentorship Trainer for Peter Sage, learned several Energy Balancing Techniques, Reiki, studied the Science and Language of Colour, the Tree of Life, Numerology, Astrology, Quantum Mechanics, Epigenetics and Psycho-Neuro-Immunology – And found out from many different angles that the human existence is an incredible miracle and the greatest adventure we will ever experience – If we understand what it is all about.

“As long as we limit our experience to the 5 senses and our body, we miss 99.9% of what we are really capable of. That’s why I have chosen to establish “Feeling Unlimited” Inspirational Life Mentoring in 2022. It is my greatest passion to light other humans up, show them how to unlock their incredible and unlimited potential and ultimately make this world a more conscious place for all of us,” says Tina.

Facing her Challenges

There were many challenges Tina had to overcome, and she shares the most recent one. She just learned that she was pregnant with her second son in 2019 and at the same time got offered the CEO position for Make-A-Wish Germany. She wasn’t feeling well in the first 3 months of the pregnancy and the birth date was in the middle of the main Fundraising season, which is the busiest time of the year for a Non-Profit and the Organisation just got started in Germany. Even if her brain came up with a plethora of reasons why she could not and should not do it – her heart said yes. So, she did it.

Even with Covid hitting Germany in Spring 2020 (her first day back from Maternity leave was Lockdown) Tina managed to double the donations and number of granted wishes in two subsequent years. How did she do it? By harnessing and using the power of the universal laws and working in harmony with them. By doing the internal work required to attract extraordinary outside results every day. By trusting that she lives in a friendly universe and that things will always work out for her. By believing without the

slightest doubt that she can achieve anything she wanted for the Organisation but most of all for the benefit of the kids and their families. Her biggest Takeaway?

“As soon as I was willing to surrender my fears and the “small Self” (also known as the Ego) to a Higher Power – Call it God, Goddess, the Universe or the Quantum Field – Everything changed for the better. After all, the Quantum Field is the Field where ALL possibilities exist simultaneously – I just had to learn how to navigate it,” reveals Tina.

Guided by the Universe

Tina shares that we live in a vibrational universe and we are energetic beings. We become exactly what we think and feel most of the time. Consequently, she monitors her thoughts and feelings very closely – after all, they create her reality! Over the years, she trained herself to be keenly aware of what is going on in her mind and heart. To accomplish anything significant and make a difference in the world, she must act from a place of purpose. After experiencing two Burn Outs, she stepped back from achieving and chose to create a sense of fulfilment for herself and others instead. She always says that Higher Consciousness is the No. 1 Leadership Skill we need to foster – For a better future on this planet we all share.

She firmly says, “Our media and society constantly tell us that we need to work harder, need to be afraid of this and that, strive more, look better and younger, be a better parent, be more successful, have bigger muscles, lose weight….Did you ever realize that all of this just triggers our primary fear that we are somehow flawed and “Not good enough?” As soon as I figured out that true power and validation can only come from within, I stopped looking for approval from the outside – And found a sense of Freedom that is priceless.”

The Mantra to a Fulfilling Life

Consciousness and Self Awareness are key to living a fulfilled life and creating a better world for everyone, believes Tina. Sadly, this is not taught (yet) at schools. People should realise that there are only a handful of basic human needs: Security, Variety, Appreciation, Significance, Growth and Contribution. So, ask yourself: What is your main driver in business? Do you want to feel secure? Do you want to experience adventures? Do you need to feel significant? Do you want to be liked? Or do you aim for goals that are less ego-centric and more directed towards a greater good and benefit for all? The important thing about goal setting is not reaching the goal. It is about who you have to become to reach your goal.

“To keep calm and centered (even if the world goes crazy) I recommend you start to set aside some time every day to observe your inner world. No Mobile Phone, no distractions. Learn how to meditate. Journal. Stop consuming TV and the News. Get a good mentor that has already achieved what you want to achieve and can guide you from a place of authenticity. Write your personal and professional goals down. Read them out loud every day. Know where you stand and where you want to go. Don’t talk about any goal until you gained some momentum. Don’t allow outside conditions to have any effect on your positive attitude,” advises Tina.

Adapting Changes

Change is the only constant in this Universe. Tina embraces, celebrates and welcomes it. A successful entrepreneur needs to be really comfortable with the feeling of uncertainty, she believes. “I have no idea and I can’t control what is happening behind the scenes of the Movie that is my life – But I absolutely know that if I make an effort and put in the inner and outer work that is required to keep my frequency high, only good things are attracted to me – Now and in the Future. It is Law,” she says.

When it comes to taking up modern ways to provide services through technology, while she loves being old school in the process, she is also utilizing several modern tools to create effective programs.

Tina says, “To be honest, I am quite Old School. I believe in journaling and handwriting because it builds more connections in the brain than writing on a keyboard. I believe in reading books – Leaders are always Readers. I believe in the power of being human, having compassion, love and lifting others. I believe in the innate and ancient intelligence that is present everywhere in the universe and most of all in our ability to check into that genius frequency and become supernatural beings ourselves. But apart from that, leveraging the benefits of AI and automation tools to become more effective and create better results in less time is great.”

Expanding her Horizons

Tina’s vision is to transform and elevate as many lives as she possibly can. she feels humanity must educate our Leaders, Teachers and Caregivers in consciousness, universal laws and how to tap into their higher brain functions so they in turn can teach and enlighten the next generations. She wants to create a global online faculty and make essential wisdom teachings available to everyone who is ready to receive it, collaborating with the best experts, leaders and speakers in the industry.

“I also plan to create retreat properties, designed to offer a 360-degree transformational experience for the guests by combining awe-inspiring, highly energetic locations with exceptional interior concepts, outstanding service, delicious food and immersive, life-altering coaching programs,” concludes Tina.

To the Young Entrepreneurs:


“Listen more, talk less. Feel more, think less. Learn how to follow your heart, it is infinitely wise. All the answers you seek are within you. You are enough and a unique gift to this world, so dare to shine your light unapologetically. The only way out….is IN.”

Quote: “Albert Einstein said: “There are only two ways to live your life: One is as though nothing is a Miracle; the other is as though everything is a Miracle”. I couldn’t agree more with that genius mind and of course – I choose the Miracle!”

Quote: “Our clients drive our market competitiveness as they apply for awards, and provide on-going testimonials and referrals.”

Quote: “Our clients proudly share the impact internally and externally of the programs we have delivered in partnership with them.”