Elizabeth Cowper -A Driven Leader Transforming Workplace Inclusion

While most of us are happy discussing how space tourism can be made feasible over say next 10 years, a few of us are still struggling to close the gender pay gap here on earth which, by estimates would take around 100 years by the current rate. Reasons? Aplenty. As per a recent survey, 77% of men believed that their partner should be the one making the career sacrifice for the sake of their family. 

It’s not just about men, many women also feel that it is their moral duty to choose family over their career. This comes from the conditioning they have had since childhood. Subconscious biases persist and often gender roles are used as a pretext for curbing women’s career development.

When women do get into the workforce, their decision to start a family is often seen and perceived as a decision to let go of their careers. Neither they nor their team, often comprising men is sure of how to handle the transition that starts with their pregnancy. Should they come to the office? Should they be called up when they are taking a day off for a routine checkup? Who would handle their tasks when they finally take maternity leave? These and more questions bother not just working women but their peers at work. Thankfully, a working mother took notice of it and with experience came up with promising solutions.

Meet Elizabeth Cowper

Founder of the Ludo, Elizabeth Cowper has been through – and continues to face – many of the challenges any working mother experiences. She loves being a mother and was equally passionate about her career as a VP of HR. She’s proud of both the Wo (working) and Mo (mother) parts of her life.

Her previous role as VP HR and Global Head of Wellbeing helped Elizabeth see things from both the employer and the employee sides. She has seen maternity leave and returning to work managed brilliantly. She has also seen it be a complete disaster. “If we get it right from both sides the return to work can be a far easier transition for both. I believe us WoMos deserve support and a resource for the challenging moments,” she says.

Determined to help both ends of the spectrum, Elizabeth went on to establish Ludo, a company on a mission to engage female talent in the workforce. Ludo is all about tech for inclusion, working to close the gender pay gap, and educating, informing, and supporting HR. 

What Ludo Does

Ludo provides tech for inclusion and the basis for its B2B SaaS works similarly to other benefit contents platforms.

It has amazing content from expert partners and what sets Ludo apart in the market is its HR and Line Manager learning hub. It supports HR and Line Managers on how to deliver a culture of inclusion and drive the right behaviors. “It is important to support everyone in the business. We focus on the inclusion of women as the gender pay gap is still horrific and women are a long way off gender parity, and we do this through driving inclusion for all,” explains Elizabeth.

A Career shaped by Passion

Before starting Ludo, Elizabeth had a career of 25 years in HR. She is also a mother of 3. 2 daughters and a son. She has always worked full-time and has been committed to her career alongside being a good mum to her kids. 

The last role she had in her corporate career was Global Head of Wellbeing and part of the Global DEI committee alongside her role as VP of HR.  

The three components of this role bought together Elizabeth’s HR career and she found her true passion and purpose, to drive a culture of inclusion. She was described once as the ‘culture adjuster’. 

“I see the benefit of each and every employee being able to work as their authentic self, which in turn creates happier employees, a better working environment, and greater productivity which is good for business. This all matters to drive a winning culture, and for people to feel valued with a sense of belonging,” she says.

Elizabeth was listed by HR Most Influential 5 years in a row and as The 10 Most Futuristic Business Women Pioneering Innovation, 2022. Ludo won the “Inclusion Initiative of the Year 2022”, Prestige Awards by Corporate Livewire, “Rising Stars in Corporate Wellbeing 2022”, Greater London Enterprise Awards and Best Enterprising Business, SME Awards, London.