Storage is defined by the preservation and maintenance of any object in its true form.

Data has assumed a significant role in a business concern and data storage has become essential. Most of the entrepreneurial activities and decisions are based on data analytics. To house this data, proper storage is mandatory.

Data storage is the summation of the methods and technologies that capture and retain digital information on an electromagnetic, optical of silicon-based storage platform or media. Storage has assumed an indispensable role in an enterprise. It is commonly used to describe devices and data connected to the computer through input and output operations.

Data storage is generally measured in bytes. From a single byte to kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte, petabyte and exabyte.

Today, the internet houses an infinite amount of data, there seems to be no end to the amount of information one can store. However, the data must be stored in such a way and in such a place that it can easily be accessed by the entrepreneur.

The world is changing every day. We are moving towards a world that has yielded to the supremacy of technology. During the initial stages, all the files could not be stored on a computer, therefore external devices were used to store excess data. These devices generally included hard disks and pen drives.

With the modernisation of the economy, various new platforms for storing data have come forward. These allow companies to apply machine learning-enabled artificial intelligence to interpret, analyse and derive the maximum amount of benefit from it. There are now provisions for backups. Data can be retained and preserved for an indefinite period in the future. A backup allows you to store data on a database or platform so that it can be accessed at your convenience. If a piece of data is backed up and later deleted from the device, the data will remain there.

Cloud-based storage has gained remarkable popularity. Cloud enables us to store an immense amount of data. There are provisions to store the data in the normal form or a converted form. Other than that, there is network-based storage, data is stored over a network of computers that are subsequently linked to one another. SSD flash drives are another method of storage, that uses flash memory.

The world of data storage is continuously evolving and growing. The latest innovations in storage over various platforms exhibit and promote forward-thinking and comprehensive solutions, that a business requires.